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Pencil Boxes

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We carry a variety of Artbin storage boxes that work great for carrying pencils/pens or any other media you can fit in these handy storage units!

The Artbin Sketch-Pac Storage Box is the perfect storage space for pencils, pens, charcoal, erasers and more can be stored in both sides of the box as the sides are seperated by a transparent plastic layer. There are long spaces for items like pencils and pens and small spaces for paper clips, blades, etc. Pencil wels feature foam pads to protect sharp pencil and blade points. Size: 12-3/8"w x 4-1/4"d x 1-3/4"h.

The Artbin Infinite Divider System Box is customizable to suit your needs. These translucent plastic boxes come with dividers that adjust in 1/16" increments, so you can place them where you want. The Artbin 600 edition has six dividers. Size: 11"w x 6-3/4"d x 1-3/4"h.

The Artbin Pencil/Accessory Box is a multi-purpose plastic box to store a variety of writing supplies. Size: 10-3/8"w x 4-5/8"d x 1-11/16"h.

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