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Flowering Meadows

These detailed Flowering Meadow sheets are innovative, adaptable, and multi-purpose. The sheet can be cut and shaped to the project contour and individual tufts can be removed and used separately.

Tree Armature WE00314 — WEESCAPES Green Meadow 5x6-1/8
Tree Armature WE00315 — WEESCAPES Wild Grass Meadow 5x6-1/8
Tree Armature WE00316 — WEESCAPES Golden Grass Meadow 5x6-1/8
Tree Armature WE00317 — WEESCAPES Flowering Red Meadow 5x6-1/8
Tree Armature WE00318 — WEESCAPES Flowering Violet Meadow 5x6-1/8
Flowering Yellow Meadow WE00319 — WEESCAPES Flowering Yellow Meadow 5x6-1/8