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Weescapes Flowers and Hedges

A realistic collection of flowers and hedges that attempt to match nature's vibrant colors delicate contours and diverse textures. Made using an innovative twisted wire process and handcrafted detail.

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Tree Armature WE00301 — WEESCAPES Flower Bush 1/2'' to 3/4'' Red-Pink-Yellow-Purple 20pk
Tree Armature WE00302 — WEESCAPES Flower Trees 1-1/2'' to 2'' Red-Pink-Yellow-Purple 8pk
Tree Armature WE00303 — WEESCAPES Flower Plants 3/8'' Red-Pink-Yellow-Purple 12pk
Tree Armature WE00304 — WEESCAPES Petunias 3/8'' Red-Pink-Yellow-Purple 12pk
Tree Armature WE00305 — WEESCAPES Flower Hedges 5''x3/8''x5/8'' Gree-Blossom Blended 4pk
Flowering Yellow Meadow WE00306 — WEESCAPES Corn Stalks 1'' 12pk
Flowering Yellow Meadow WE00307 — WEESCAPES Tulips 1/2'' 16pk
Flowering Yellow Meadow WE00313 — WEESCAPES Sunflowers 1'' 8pk
Flowering Yellow Meadow WE00333 — WEESCAPES Green Hedges 5''x3/8''x5/8'' 4pk
Flowering Yellow Meadow WE00334 — WEESCAPES Flower Hedges 5''x3/8x5/8'' Red & Yellow 4pk