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Zig Clean Color Real Brush 90 Color Set

ZIG Clean Color Real Brush is perfect for quick illustrating, sketching, designing and cartooning. Zig Clean Color Real Brushes have actual hair brush tips in a disposable form that will give you clean, water-based color on the go. The colors can be blended like watercolors in a palette when used with a water brush.

  • Water-based
  • Odorless
  • Xylene free
  • Easy to create both narrow and wide lines
  • Create water color effects


  • Brand New Japanese Kuretake products.
  • Japan import.
  • Brand: Kuretake
  • Made in Japan
  • Set of 90 colors
  • Works like water color brush
  • Colors blend very well
  • Rack is not included

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SKU: KURB-6000AT/90V