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Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint 1oz - Black

This high-quality acrylic leather paint is easy to use and available in a range of bright, opaque colors. Blend them together to create your own custom colors — you can even mix the metallic shades with standard colors for some extra shimmer. When properly applied, Angelus Leather Paint won't crack, peel, fade, or rub off and is great for rehabbing well-loved items, like wallets and shoes, as well as for adding original designs to leather goods. 

  • Available in 103 Colors which include 7 Pearlescent colors, 5 Metallic Colors and 12 Neon Colors
  • Ideal for Shoes, Wallets, Sofas, Belts, Bags & More
  • Non-Toxic
  • Waterbased Acrylic
  • Non-Cracking

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SKU: AG720-01-001