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Art Alternatives Ribbon and Loop Sculpting Tools

Five double-ended tools that offer a total of ten different shapes for sculpting. Great for contouring and removing controlled amounts of clay, wax, polymer clay or other modeling material. 


  • 6-1/2" 5pcs
  • High-strength, loops of flattened stainless steel ribbon
  • Fastened with brass ferrules to a varnished hardwood handle.


Use this loop tool to remove controlled amounts of clay from sculpted and wheel-thrown pieces.


  • 1-3/4" wide  
  • Stainless steel ribbon loop attached to a hardwood handle


 Use these tools to contour, trim and remove controlled amounts of clay.




  • 3 stainless steel shapes set in thick, tapered, polished hardwood handles



Use these tools to contour, shape, trim and detail clay and other modeling materials. Each tool in this set measures approximately 5" in length.




  • 6 high-strength stainless steel sculpting tools with aluminum handles


Contour, shape and trim clay and other modeling materials. The high-strength loop of flattened stainless steel is fastened with brass ferrules to a varnished hardwood handle for ease of use.


  • Double-ended ribbon tool 1pc