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CA Glues Accessories

CAs come in 1/2 oz., 1 oz. and 2 oz. sizes, along with an 8 oz. that has a no mess, easy pour bottle for economical refilling of our regular bottles.

In addition to the line of extender tips and fine PTFE tubing that allow very small, controlled amounts of CA to be applied, also available are CA applicators that come in both a regular and fine tip. Just squeeze the bulb and insert into an open CA bottle to draw out the amount you need. When using the PTFE tubing, cut one end at a 45 degree angle before inserting no more than 1/4 inch into the bottle top.

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Extenter Tip- #301 (DEBSI-301)

For use over BSI's standard #312 top (not included) . Can be used with all thicknesses of CA except IC-Gel. The flexible tip can be cut to the length and/or inside diameter that is needed for a particular application 

Extra Fine Extender Tip - #302 (DEBSI-302)

For use over the standard #312 top, it allows BSI's thin CAs (Insta-Cure, Insta-Flex and Super-Gold) to be applied a drop at a time. Thin CA tends to run everywhere, so these allow precise application.  

Extra Long Extender Tip - #303 (DEBSI-303)

For use over the standard #312 top, they provide a rigid tip with extended length to get thin and gap filling CA into hard to reach areas. They are very resistant to clogging and can be cleaned by soaking in acetone.  

PTFE Tubing - #305 (DEBSI-305)

Two foot length of tubing can be cut off to any length (usually 2"). With one end cut at a 45° angle, can be inserted 1/8" into Pocket CA top and into #312 top if it is cut down an additional 3/64". For thin CA. 

Extra CA Top - #312 (DEBSI-312)

Replacement top that is on all of BSI's non-Pocket CAs. Tops can be soaked in acetone overnight to remove any buildup of CA on the inside and outside of the nozzle.  

Extra CA Over Cap (DEBSI-313)

Replacement colored cap that fits over DEBSI-312 top.  

CA Applicators - #321 (DEBSI-321) , #322 (DEBSI-322)

#321 - Regular Tip Non-clog 6" long pipette for the application of gap filling and extra-thick CA. CA is sucked up into the applicator by inserting it into an open CA bottle with the bulb at the end compressed, like an eyedropper
#322 - Fine Tip Non-clog 6" long pipette for the application of thin CAs. Can also be used for the fine application of Insta-Set accelerator and for applying fine lubricating oils. CA can be kept in the applicator for two weeks.


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