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Craftics Accessories

Arbor Adapter - KF1106053

working with acrylics Arbor Adaptor This 1/4" mandrel with 1/2" arbor fits any hand-held drill. Use with Craftics Buffing Kit-P/N 1106019.

A Fully Illustrated 48-Page Manual for the Intermediate and Advanced Craftsman Working with Acrylic - KF1106347

working with acrylics Includes sections on bending, bonding, cutting, sawing, shaping, molding, polishing and much more.

Sonnex Acrylic Corner Reinforced Blocks — 1106478

Sonnex Acrylic Corner Reinforced Blocks

The slim design of this clear, high-impact Acrylic block almost invisibly increases joint and construction strength.

  • Tapered ends help prevent dirt and particle buildup in corners and make for easy cleaning
  • Save money by being able to use thinner sheet material while getting the strength of thicker material
  • Tapered on both ends
  • 80mm
  • 3 1/16" x 5/16" x 3
  • 12 pack