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Drafting Accessories

Erasing Shields

  • A valuable aid in precision erasure of particular sections, lines, dots, or curves, while protecting the rest of the drawing
  • Flexible stainless steel, matte finish

Dry Cleaning Pads

  • Keeps work free from unwanted intrusion of dust, dirt, and particles
  • Soft cotton pad contains grit-free powder
  • Absorbs dirt and other materials smoothly and efficiently without smearing

Lettering Guides

  • Use for drawing guideline for lettering from 1/16" to 2" in height
  • Calibrated in 1/32" increments
  • Features both metric and fractional calibrations
  • Made of durable transparent plastic

Sandpaper Lead Pointers

  • For quick touch-up or complete sharpening of pencils or 2mm leads
  • Extra-fine with an easy grip handle

Dusting Brushes

  • Quickly removes eraser residue and drafting powders from drawing surface
  • Finest quality horse hair bristles set in wood
  • Available in 10" inches and 14" inches


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