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Durasand Sanding Blocks

Ideal for wood, drywall, paint and metal surfaces

Outlasts sandpaper 5 to 1. The double sided black pads and sanding blocks work quite well on many surfaces. DuraSand grits are standard however because they are on foam the grit size may act higher. For example a block is a 36/60 grit but because it is applied to foam it acts more like a 100/120 to 150 grit making it a coarse/medium. Pressure on the foam makes the particles of grain condense when pressed causing the grit to act finer.

  • Can be used with water or dry and if they get dirty you can bang the block on your hand or your workbench and knock the wood particles out
  • When they wear out, tear a sandpaper sheet to the proper size, wrap it around the foam and use it again
  • Resistant to cracks and tears
  • Rinse with water and reuse