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Duroedge Heavy Duty Safety Ruler

Duroedge Safety Ruler is Made of Heavy-Duty, Lightweight Aluminum and is Designed with Safety in Mind

Minimize cuts and accidents with the Duroedge safety ruler. The tall finger guard allows for comfortable grip of the ruler as well as providing a safe guard to protect your hands and fingers. The stainless steel cutting edge ensures a long life while providing a strong steady edge for straight cuts. Further stability is provided by the Super-Grip, slip-resistant backing. The graduated edges allow for precision cuts.

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Guard to Protect Your Fingers Stainless Steel Cutting Edge Sturdy Handle Offers Protection and a Comfortable Grip

Duroedge Heavy Duty Ruler

Available in 6 different sizes to accommodate projects of all sizes:

  • CR-080 — 8.5"
  • CR-135 — 13.5"
  • CR-255 — 25.5"
  • CR-375 — 37.5"
  • CR-485 — 48.5"


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