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Excel Mitre Box and Razor Saw

Excel Mitre Saws — Cutting blades ideal for miniature work

The perfect saws for cutting modeling materials such as: balsa wood, plastic and thin metal. Never take on a model making project without the help of Excel Mitre Saws to get it done right and fast. Always cut the perfect angle with Excel Mitre Boxes with Excel Mitre saws for the best result.

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Razor Saw Set
Mitre Box Only
Razor Saw Set Mitre Box Only

With K5 handle and saw blade #30490 (54 teeth x 5", 12MT) for smooth cutting.

This aluminum mitre box is just 6" long making it ideal for miniature work. Each unit has two 45 degree and one 90 degree angle cutting slots. For use with Excel Razor saws.


Mitre Box Set

Razor Saw Set w/ 2 Saw Blades

Mitre Box Set Razor Saw Set w/ 2 Saw Blades

With K5 handle and #30490 saw blades.

With K5 handle and #30450, #30490 saw blades.