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Faber Castell Pencils

The Faber Castell 9000 Graphite Pencils are the ideal pencil for every technical or artistic application, with break-resistant leads that are fully bonded to their casings.

  • Superior leads made of finely ground graphite and clay
  • These smooth, pure graphite pencils are never scratchy and are great for drawing and sketching
  • The full length of the lead is glued to the wood casing to strengthen the lead and prevent breakage
  • Available in the following degrees: 8B, 7B, 6B, 5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, F, H, 2H, 3H, 4H, 5H, 6H

The Faber Castell 9000 Jumbo Pencils have a wider, 9.5mm diameter so they are easy to hold.

  • Ideal for shading large areas
  • Gestural sketching and detail work
  • 5.25mm lead is extra resistant to breakage
  • Available in the following degrees: 8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, HB

The Faber Castell Graphite Aquarelle Pencils are combined with pigments that dissolve completely when brushed with water.

  • Use a wet brush to transform your drawings into washes
  • Or dip just the tip of the pencil in water first to create rich, soft, smooth lines
  • Available in the following degrees: 8B, 6B, 4B, 2B, HB