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Northwest Shore Line Chppers

Precision Cutting Tool Includes Replaceable Cutting Mat for Continuing Clean Cuts

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Chopper II — 69-4

Chopper II

The mat is manufactured to be repositioned as it wears and can be easily replaced as needed. It also features a rigid aluminum handle and base, miter guides for 30°, 45°, 60° and 90° angles and a safety stop. With its compact 7" x 7" size, the Chopper II can cut wood and styrene strip material up to 1/8".

Works great with Excel® Single Edge Blades (#20009)

Heavy Duty Wide Base Version of the Chopper Allows Easier Handling of Long Pieces of Material

Chopper III — 59-4

59-4 Chopper III provides for installation of up to 3 handles, permitting multiple setups. Includes one handle only, additional are available. Chopper III comes with a sturdy 18" x 7 1/2" base.

Combination Holding Jig and Sanding Block for Finishing and Squaring off Stripwood and Strip Styrene


The True Sander — 57-4

True Sander Jig can be adjusted to hold anything from thinnest stripwood up to an HO body shell. Makes perfect fits easier. A tool in the tradition of The Chopper that provides accurate, quick finish sanding of end cuts on wood or plastic parts for fine fit. The adjustable angle guide allows you to accurately repeat any angle for proper fit on mitred corners as well as square cuts. Also included are pre-set 30°, 45° and 60° mitre guides. Unlike some motor powered sanding tools, the True Sander gives you that delicate touch needed for working with small parts in model building, miniatures, dollhouse and other fine crafts.

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