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Olfa Scissors

High Quality Stainless Steel Blades Meet Perfectly for Precision Cutting

These aren't your standard kitchen tool drawer scissors — Olfa scissors are engineered for exact presicion and a sharp blade to make every cut as crisp as the first. Excellent for cutting multiple layers of light material like paper, fabrics, plastic, rubber, aircraft composites and much more.

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Stainless Steel Serrated Edge 5
Stainless Steem Serrated Edge 7
Rolling Scissors, Red
Stainless Steel Serrated Edge 5 Stainless Steem Serrated Edge 7 Rolling Scissors, Red
  • Olfa stainless steel scissors are rapidly growing in popularity in both consumer and industrial applications
  • Extremely high quality stainless steel blades meet perfectly for precision cutting
  • Material being cut is held in place by the serrated blade, providing positive control
  • Excellent for cutting rubber used in rubber stamping
  • Cuts materials with twin precision-designed roller bearings instead of blades
  • Eliminates the use of blades or sharp edges, and the contoured handle helps to protect from paper cuts
  • Built-in guide for clean, smooth, straight and accurate cutting of materials of any length
  • Utilizes a rolling mechanism instead of squeezing as with conventional scissors
  • Fewer hand cramps and less fatigue
  • Ambidexrious, the Olfa Rolling Scissors are safe and easy to use by children, the elderly and by those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome where conventional scissors might pose physical challenges
  • Durable bearings in the scissors never need sharpening