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Mon - Friday - 12:00PM - 5:00PM

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  • Aluminum Palettes: light-weight, durable and rust-proof . Also may be used oil, acrylic and watercolor paint.


  • Stainless steel palette cups without lids: Have the same function as the palette cups with lids. Designed to hold solvents, linseed oil or other painting mediums, and clip conveniently to the edge of your palette.


  • Molded white plastic removable cups: highly durable and easy to clean. Suited for all water-based media, this pair of palette cups features a durable metal clip including screw-on lids. 


  • E-Z Clean are made of hard/stiff masonite coated with a durable white melamine surface on one side. Rectangular palettes can be used right- or left-handed, while the oval shaped palettes are designed for the left-hand.


  •  Clear acrylic palettes: features smooth edges for a comfortable grip, and the glossy surface is perfect for mixing oils, alkyds or acrylics. Rubbing alcohol can be used to clean up dried-on acrylic paint but, mineral spirits or thinner can be used to remove alkyds or oils.


  • Cupcake Palettes : Deep wells help minimize the mess and are perfect for mixing colors (or keeping them separate). Ideal for holding water and all water-based media, each well holds approximately 3 fl. oz. Durable stain-proof plastic, and the smooth surface cleans up easily.


  • Butcher Tray Palettes: First, many trays have small chips in the upper rim but because they are not chipped on the working surface, this is simply a cosmetic problem. Second, the bottom is slightly bowed so that the tray is higher in the middle than around the edges. Even so, it is hard to beat the value of this tool that will last a lifetime. The color of the enamel varies from bright or creamy white. Either are suitable for most watercolor color mixing.


  • San Francisco Slant Palette : Arranged on a flat 9" x 13" glossy stainproof styrene plastic surface, this transportable and high-impact palette contains a selection of wells/ dishes. There are four large shallow dishes, rectangular mixing sections, adjacent slants and eight small round wells.