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Precision Rotary Tool FBS 115/E

1,001 uses for every conceivable operation: milling, drilling, grinding, polishing, brushing, cleaning, deburring, sawing, carving, engraving, rust removal and cutting.

A special motor technology with full-wave electronic speed control allows for powerful operation with constant torque, even at low speeds! This feature is especially important when micro-drilling, brushing and polishing on delicate materials.

The extremely balanced motor, which makes the tool run smoothly and vibration-free, as well as low weight and the improved ergonomic design with the soft-grip two-component material allow for optimal control while working. The spindle runs in a precision ball bearing. A button locks the spindle for an easy exchange of bits. The keyless precision chuck allows for quick exchange of all accessories with shanks from Ø 1/64" to Ø 1/8" (0.3 - 3.2mm). The tool’s 4/5" (20mm) standard collar makes it fit easily into all other useful MICROMOT accessories, such as drill stands and vices, making this Precision Rotary Tool even more versatile.



The FBS 115/E may also be optionally fitted with MICROMOT steel collets (PX28940).

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Technical data:


5,000 - 20,000rpm

Keyless Chuck

for shanks from 1/64" - 1/8" (0.3 - 3.2mm)

Max. Power

1/8hp (100W)


110 - 120V AC, 60 Hz


8 1/2" with chuck (220mm)


1 lb (450g)

NO 38 472

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