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Rotary Tools MICROMOT 50 & 50/E

Optimal for milling, drilling, routing, polishing, cutting, cleaning, brushing, deburring, sawing, engraving, carving.

These two lightweight high precision tools in a pen style design (Ø only 1 3/8") are ergonomically formed to allow comfortable handling and optimal control. Their quietness and effortless, vibration- free drive via the special permanent magnet motor, the ground spindle and collar bearing all contribute to the ergonomic design. An efficient cooling system facilitates extended use under various load conditions. Both tools are useable on any workable material e.g. steel, precious metals, wood, glass, ceramics, plastics, precious stones. They are ideal for model builders, woodcarvers, jewelers, opticians, artists, dental technicians, tool and die makers, etc.


The speed control of our 12 volt devices only works when operated via non-stabilised power supply units. We recommend our MICROMOT mains adapters NG 2/S and NG 5/E. Connection to stabilised power supply units is possible. However, the devices will then operate with maximum rotational speeds (also applies to operation with batteries).

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Rotary Tool MICROMOT 50

Same as 50/E, except without speed control. Load speed is 20,000rpm. If you run this machine while using our transformer NG 5/E as power supply, speeds are adjustable between 5,000 and 20,000rpm via the speed control on the work station.
NO 28 500


Rotary Tool MICROMOT 50/E

Technical data:
Direct voltage 12 - 18V. Power absorption up to 40W input. 5,000 - 20,000/min. Length: 8 21/32" (220mm). Weight: 0.51 lb (230g).
NO 28 510

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