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Laser Cutting Basics

Laser Cutting Basics 101

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We are an authorized educational reseller of GCC Lasers and BOFA Fume Extraction units.


Duration : 2 hours

Requirements :  Basic understanding of the AUTOCAD software or vector illustration software such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw.

Recommended : Model Building Basics 101 -  We will cover model building materials , so bring your sample swatches so we can go over settings


Why use lasers? 


Vector files vs Bitmap - what is the difference ?

Our preferred file format and cad software - why it matters .....


(1) Topics covered

  •  Materials discussed in Model Building Basics 101 will be used as a starting point for materials to laser cutting
  •  Software type and settings
  •  Stratagies for a better laser result


(2) Whats the deal with cutting plastics , wood and paper ?   

  • Is the setup the same for all materials?
  • Discuss what plastics we can laser cut .
  • What is a tab ?  When should I use tabs ?

(3) How can I minimize the laser burnt edges on my laser cuts ?

(4) What other options do I have ?


In this workshop we will laser cutting different materials to see first hand how they are affected by the laser.


I encourage you to BRING YOUR PROJECT files and Laptop if you want to go over your files and settings.



Please read before signing up:

Please only sign up if you can make it ! The maximum per time slot is 10 students.

If you sign up for more than one class of the same topic you will be removed from the second list.

If you miss a workshop for any reason please keep in mind you will not be able to sign up for the same workshop twice until we give everyone a chance to attend . This could be a few months out. We have invited local universities to participate during different weeks.  (USC Grad , Cal Poly Pomona, LAIAD, SciArc , Woodbury, UCLA and Cal Poly SLO)

Please arrive 10 mins before the workshop. We close the doors on time at the start of each workshop.


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