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Super Jig Saw STS/E

Precision equipment for cutting. Small and comfortable.

This tool offers fantastic cutting capacity with the footplate adjustable up to 45 degrees for mitre cuts. The gear head is made of die-cast aluminum. The stroke speed is variable by means of full wave electronic speed control. Ideal for tight curves in wood (up to 1/2"/12mm), non-ferrous metals (up to 1/8"/3mm) and plastics.

  • Storage case of high-grade PP. Attractive, extremely stable and large enough to enable the machine to be replaced in it after completion of the work. A label on the side identifies the content.

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Technical data:


110 - 120V AC, 60Hz


2,000 - 4,500 strokes/min

Max. Power

1/8hp (100W)

Overall length

9" (230mm)


1.54 lb (700g)

NO 38 530

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