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Tamiya Cement

(Please note that ''Cement'' are a plastic solvent meant to melt plastic pieces together )

 All come with a applicator brush

Plastic Cement 

Tamiya Plastic Cement is used for the assembly of plastic models.

  • 24 hour cure time 


Extra Thin Cement 

Works with plastic models and other similar plastic materials found in model making. Drying time can range between is 5-10 minutes before you can moving onto the next step of construction. The extra thin formula allows smaller pieces to be glueed together that require more accuracy.

  • 24 hour cure time



Extra-Thin Quick-Setting Cement 

  • Dries around 4 times faster than the Tamiya Extra-Thin Cement ( in about 10 seconds or less )
  • Amazing for small parts

Not recommended for larger gaps or for use with elastomer can cause brittleness


Mark Fit

A solvent designed to soften model decals which allows application onto difficult to areas such as bumpy or curved surfaces, providing an improved finish. Apply Mark Fit to area where decal is to be positioned:

  • Place decal onto the area
  • Slide decal into correct position by a wet finger
  • Use a soft cloth or cotton swab to remove excess water and any air bubbles
  • Apply Mark Fit over the decal again, and use a soft cloth\ cotton swab to fit to the model’s surface
  • Do not touch until decal dries completely



Tamiya Mark Fit Strong

A more powerful formula for softening decals compared to the standard version. The Strong version help decals adhere and conform to difficult curved surfaces or matte-painted surfaces.

( May cause damage to painted surfaces, especially with acrylic paints )