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Taskboard is a unique and versatile project board used in model making and creating 3D forms and objects.

Made of 100% sustainable-forestry wood, it is totally biodegradable and is made using the most stringent eco-friendly process in the industry. Easy to cut, sand, glue and paint, and best of all, it is easy to shape into complex 3D curvilinear forms.

Forming into curved shapes is easy. With just moistening, the board becomes pliable and can be manipulated into many shapes. Once dry, it retains its new shape.

Used by art and design students, architects, sculptors and makers to realize their vision with few tools and even novice’s skills.

Any board thickness is easy to cut; even laminated boards up to ½ inch thick can be cut by hand with blade or by CNC laser. With thinner boards, the most intricate details can be achieved.

Unlike bright-white smooth boards, taskboard’s two textures and shades gently reflect light to produce excellent photographs.

Architects prefer taskboard when laser cutting since edge-burn is light brown rather than black and can be sanded off. Also, smoke marks are minimal with the right CNC settings. Laser surface etching also produces superior results.

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